Valentine’s Day: 6 Ways to Celebrate When You Don’t Have a Partner

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I enjoy writing about experiencing love and happiness with a partner – yet, on Valentine’s Day, I feel it’s important to acknowledge that many might be dealing with feelings of loneliness, or loss of love. We have all experienced loss in our life. Today, for those who may feel alone, I want to say, “Breathe…breathe…breathe!” Move forward — and make this a special “love yourself” Valentine’s Day…that focuses on what is important to YOU.

It’s important to create a realistic, personal, and unique expectation of what celebrating Valentine’s Day will mean for you. Unrealistic expectations will get you in trouble every time! Avoid longing for what is not there in front of you — rather than seeking joy in what is. I often think of the old saying, “God never gives you more than you can handle.” There is great truth in this even when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Inch by inch you must continue to move forward with conscious intent — until you can see light at the end of the tunnel. You have survived! Now what?

“Love: You’re not meant to wait for it. You’re not meant to search for it. You’re meant to generate it.” ~ Michael Beckwith

It’s time to create a Valentine’s Day that will put a smile on your face! When working with my clients we begin by brainstorming possibilities – until they’re able to see that their life IS amazing right now. No need to wait to be happy… just set the intention that you will begin where you are — and find whatever joy is available! Below are six ways you can celebrate your Valentine’s Day if you are without a partner.

1.  Invite others that you know who are also alone to join you for a night on the town. Do it right — with dinner and a movie, perhaps!

2.  Have kids? Create a special celebration with your kids. Make heart-shaped cookies, pop a DVD in the player, and watch a movie that reminds you how lucky you are to have the love of your children.

3.  Animal lover? Take a special pet for a walk in the park. Buy some heart shaped dog treats — and they even have doggie ice cream! Enjoy the warmth of having that special animal/human bond.

4.  Call your mom — or whoever your “special relative” might be — for an especially long talk. Or better yet, visit in person! Love begets love. Give it a try. You can send her (or him) flowers, candy, along with a heart shaped card. Turn it into a day you can both remember for a long time!

5.  If you’re the more daring type, try something you’ve never done before. Remember when you were a kid…when it was fun to try something new, exciting — and a little daring? Why not try that “something new” you’ve been promising yourself you’d try — for Valentine’s Day? Skydiving, skiing down the “big” mountain (the one that you promised yourself you’d ski someday), roller-skating, hiking, taking a new dance class – whatever stimulates your sense of adventure!

6.  Take yourself on a date! The first time I ever did this it felt a little strange. The first thing I noticed was I got to make all the decisions myself. I didn’t have to ask if I could go to MY favorite restaurant. I went to the show I wanted to see. It felt very liberating. Give it a try — and remember to buy yourself flowers and a teddy bear!

This Valentine’s Day make a conscious choice to find joy and happiness right where you are. The first step to being in love again is learning to love YOU!

Judith Geiger has spent the last 10 years studying personal growth, spirituality, and various coaching moralities. She is a Certified Life Coach, and Certified Master Relationship Coach for Singles. Learn more about Judith at,  and download your free e-book Sacred Self-Care: Celebrating that Love Begins Within.

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