How to Measure a “Pinch” of This and That

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spices_hd_figure_2Were you the recipient of grandma or mom’s favorite recipes? Most of us who have inherited family recipes have the unfortunate task of figuring out a “pinch” of this spice or that spice to interpret some of them. Maybe you’re the home cook who knows how to make the same dish taste the same way every time, but want to write it down for unwitting family members who have no idea what a “pinch” of this or that spice truly means.

There is a way you can measure a “pinch.” Let’s borrow a tip from backyard BBQ masters who sprinkle the spices on each side of meat the same way every time.

Cut a piece of foil close to the size of the food item you want to season, pretend you are seasoning that item but you are only shaking it onto the foil. After sprinkling each spice, fold the foil in half and pour it into a measuring spoon or cup. Write down the amount and when you’re finished with each spice, you will have a standardized recipe.

You can save the seasoning mixture in a glass container for use later. Or, you can cook away with confidence.

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