Swimsuits for Every Body

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Advance your look, with insider image tips for your body type.

By Katrina Currie, fashion specialist

The right swimsuit can do a lot to make you look slimmer, enhance your bust or just look more attractive.  It all comes down to the color, fabric, design and print.  Here’s how it all works.

Color: Strategically use darker colors in areas you need to look your slimmest and light colors to display those areas you want to flaunt. For instance, having a swimsuit with a dark bottom and a lighter top captures the attention toward that top while deflecting from the bottom.  A quick way of presenting a more sculpted and slimmer is using a bright suit with darker insets on the side.

Fabrics that are full of sheen, shine, and shimmer are reflective in nature. This makes areas appear to be larger. Matte fabric creates the most effective slimming illusion. If you like the shimmer but not the effects, try a matte-based swimsuit with integrated shimmer details.

Decorative Detailing: Whether it is beading, gathering, embroidery, sequence, be selective about decorations in the overall layout of your swimwear. Detailing is nice, but if you are not eager to let eyes linger over certain areas, take a good look at where those details are.

Prints are another area where you have to pay close attention. The size, placement, and movement can ruin or improve your look. Choosing prints with darker backgrounds can produce a slimming effect while lots of movement, whistles, and bells can be daunting on the eyes.

Body Shapes

The hourglass is considered the most desired body shape of all. Women with this shape can wear anything.

Full Busted: Busty body types should invest in great support, heavy Lycra content, inserted bra, and under-wire support.  Wide strap halters are a complimentary choice too. Add style with bravo pads, V-neck and plunge necklines with vertical or diagonal lines that don’t widen yet cause an elongated silhouette.  Steer clear of horizontal stripes to avoid body widening.

Heavy Midsection: Slim down the midsection by wearing suits that have a heraldic ornament model, diagonal and vertical lines, and V-neck. Having a lighter top with moderate detailing keeps eyes drawn upward while adding a darker bottom minimizes attention to the hips.

Heavy Bottom:  Diagonal and vertical lines are key to this look as well. V-neck and print details elongate the torso while a high waist band decreases emphasis on the hips.  Avoid skirted suits that end at your heaviest body parts.  Forget about boy shorts.  This style does not hide anything; it only reveals what you were trying to cover up in the first place. Going strapless creates a concentrated horizontal line that generates a balanced figure.

Small/Narrow Hips: Those cute boy shorts can come in handy here. They can give an hour glass appearance and curves.  Horizontal lines present a widening effect.

Small Bust:  Keyhole tops are an instant way to add the illusion of larger breasts. So is additional padding along with swirls and creative patterns.

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  1. Ali

    November 27, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Great article Katrina. Thanks. I am revamping my body and toning so when 2011 comes I can wear something even more flattering. Your article is so on point that I can take the basics and incorporate the into full dress looks. Again, great piece.

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