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imageHuman Trafficking is considered the 3rd largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world, right behind arms and drug dealing. The newly released film, Not Today, aims to raise awareness about the heart-wrenching reality surrounding the trafficking of millions of young women. Many people are trying to help bring justice to the cause, including Grammy-nominated and Dove Award winning singer, Kari Jobe. Jobe has shown her support by lending her incredible vocals to “What Love Is,” a song featured in the film. Hope recently caught up with the illustrious singer to learn more of her involvement with the film and her dedication towards abolishing human trafficking.

HOPE: How did you get involved in lending your voice to the film, Not Today?

Kari Jobe: The director of the film contacted me and my producer, Ed Cash, and asked if I would sing the song [“What Love Is”].

HFW: Did you know much about the subject of human trafficking before you got involved in the film?

KJ: Yes, I did. I have been involved with The A21 Campaign for about 6 years now. I was just so attracted by the gross reality of this slavery, even years ago. They sent me the movie before I said I would sing on it because I was like, ‘Let me see it so I can just make sure I feel good about it.’ It is so well done. I was just like, ‘Yes! I would love to be a part of this!’

HFW: Have you had the opportunity to meet any of the young girls who have been saved from the evil of human trafficking?

KJ: I went to one of the safe houses in Greece that A21 has and I walked in and just started balling. The newest girl that had just got there, she jumped out of a two-story building and found the hotline number for A21 and they came and rescued her. She was drugged and held captive, and had to service around thirty men a day! She was from Bulgaria and had been sold, and ended up in Greece in one of the brothels. You just see these men standing outside [the brothels] waiting to go in, or coming out and they just look like your average dad or college-age dude, as if they are going in to get, like, a coke. It’s sad, but I think a lot can be done through prayer. Just praying that God would convict the hearts of these men that are going in for these services.

HFW:  As someone who has been an advocate for ending human-trafficking, do you have any advice for others on how to help abolish this inhumanity?

KJ: What most people are doing is helping to support ministries that are rescuing and rehabilitating these girls. You could go from just supporting financially or actually going and serving in a safe house where they are rescuing girls, mostly under the age of sixteen.

Not Today is in theaters now. For a list of showings near you, or to find out more about how you can help end human trafficking, visit

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